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Dr. Jonnahs Amissih is an accomplished Motivational Speaker, author of seven books an expert and has extensive experience in advising both governments and private regarding economic strategies and business development. He is multi skilled and talented the founder of the I AM Centre International and JA & AWM group of companies and has rich community engagement skills. As a Pastor for more than 27 Years with extensive leadership, management and business entity competencies believes the knowledge of Christ is a matter of rending God’s servant’s hearts to God’s holiness.

Dr. Jonnahs Amissih has journeyed a long way for more than 16 Years as a Senior Pastor from his humble beginnings in African Country named Congo in his quest to become the worldwide inspirational leader, public figure, expert in leadership and management training and as a role model in inspirational talks.

Dr. Jonnahs holds a PHD in Biblical Studies & Management and also holds Masters of Ministry in Christian Leadership from U.S.A, Mount Olive Bible Institute & Seminary. In his current role as a founder and Executive Pastor of I AM Centre International located in Canada, Dr. Jonnahs provides strategic leadership and oversight for the Institution and technical initiatives in more than 5 Countries.

Dr. Jonnahs’s vision to serve others in areas extending beyond the church has been able to reach millions of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and nationalities to help them to overcome. He has been very instrumental in helping meet the desperate needs of countless individuals. As a technical expert in business Management and Leadership training for more than 10 years, he has led well organized and very successful trainings in multiple Countries such as U.S, Canada, Europe and across 16 Countries in Eastern, Central, Southern and West Africa.

Dr. Jonnahs Amissih also connects communities across the globe through organizing in partnership with host Countries various multicultural International Conferences. For more than a decade, he continues to receive international recognition through his significant contribution in these phenomenal conferences that focus on multiple issues that affects human life in spiritual, economical entities as well as in leadership and managerial skills. These Conferences has drawn more than 10,000 attendees from as far as U.S.A, Canada, Singapore, China, Australia, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.

From this background he is a Global Executive Mentor and a Partner to several ventures and organizations. He has contributed significantly to build capacity of various groups in Leadership skills around the world and is recognized as one of a Global Mentor.

Dr. Jonnahs speaks several foreign languages that include Fluent English, French, Lingala, Kinganda and Kiswahili and Others. He has made his commitment and personal mission to help others to become the best that they can be in order to come out and stand in their own shining light to live the outstanding life they deserve and encourage them to have a positive attitude that will serve a lasting legacy.

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