The Secret Code Of Life

It is possible to be alive and still not have life.

At this moment all of us are alive. We have the appropriate signs of life. We have brain function. Our hearts are contracting. Our major organs are performing. But some of us are among ‘the living dead.’ We are void of the vitals signs of spiritual life. We have been born from below but not from above. We have breath but not belief. We have appetites for the world but not for the Word. The CT Scan of our life indicates an absence of true life. The EKG of our heart reveals a love for darkness rather than light. The MRI of our brain reveals stubbornness and rebellion. Our blood chemistry shows evidence of kidney failure, which is hindering our ability to properly filter the detrimental devices from, our lives.

Yes, we are alive. People, pains, pressures, and problems let us know we are alive. We go to work everyday; but we find no satisfaction from our labors. We have families but subconsciously we are isolated. We have houses but no place to call home. We have clothes but we feel naked and vulnerable. We have friends but they don’t understand us. We have spouses but they don’t listen to us. We have parents but they don’t care about us. We have children but they don’t appreciate us. We have baby daddies but they don’t help us. We come to church and we still aren’t any better. Yes, we are alive but we have no life!